6 Session Goal Attainment Programme

If you are clear about a goal you wish to achieve and are highly committed to it, then this programme is just right for you.

You may even be unclear about a specific goal at this moment in time and that’s okay, and I can help you with that. The more clarity you have, the more likely you are to achieve your goal quickly and more efficiently.

The Difference between Goals and Passions

I believe that there is a subtle yet important difference between passions and goals.

Passions are what drive us to reach our full potential and find our purpose by using our unique gifts and talents.

Goals are set to help us manifest our passions.

Passions come from our heart and soul and are more right brain function. Goals are the practical and disciplined approach in our everyday life to create the change we want. This is a left brain approach and function.

“Setting goals is the first step to turning the invisible into the visible.”

~ Tony Robbins ~

So let’s get started

Goals are about making changes in yourself and in your life, it may be

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How I can help you

The process may appear simple when we decide to set and achieve a goal. Yet, many people notice that after a short time, they lose momentum and drive. Why does this happen?

Gyms are full at the beginning of the year when people make New Year resolutions to get fit and slimming clubs too, when people decide to lose that excess weight they have been carrying around.

As a highly qualified Personal Coach and Mentor of over 12 years, and intensive training in Psychotherapy, I understand only too well the blocks we face when wanting to create change.

So here are a few ways I can support you to guarantee your success :

1. Accountability

Sometimes a ‘buddy’ with a similar goal can support and encourage you and there is some level of accountability with them, not following through can let them down. However sometimes even that fails and we may not see it through to the end.

As your professional Coach, my job is to make you aware of your strengths and also your weaknesses during the process of attaining your goal.

We all know how clever the mind can sometimes be at Self Sabotage.

A part of us craves the change we seek and another more subtle part, is afraid of it. There are certain ‘payoffs’ for remaining the same and not making the change we want.

The Accountability factor is much greater when you work with a Coach, just like in sport.  Besides you have also invested money and time in it.

2. Motivation

I am highly skilled at keeping you motivated to attain your goal. Clarity is the key here, making you aware of the huge benefits and also the downside of not going through with the actions.

3. Encouragement

Most of us work best when we are encouraged and supported in all that we do. As much as we try to do this ourselves, often our own hidden limiting thoughts and beliefs get in the way and we may spiral down.

4. Reassurance

Changing a habit requires time. New research shows that certain habit changes can take up to 66 days. As your professional Coach, I have your best interest at heart and I will hold up your vision for yourself when you may lose it. I can reassure you of your greatest strengths and keep your vision in front of you if you do come across a few obstacles, which we all do at times when making change.

5. The Coaching Toolkit

At each stage, you are offered powerful tools and techniques to keep you making steady progress and to overcome any limitations.

By the end of your 6 session programme you will have attained your primary goal and may have achieved many more along the way.

How does the full programme work?

As described above, your main aim is to have a clear goal and after each session take action towards that goal to fully attain it.

  • Weekly 1 hour zoom sessions. The 6 sessions are ideally done over a 6-9 week period, however, you may wish to do it over a shorter term and have 2 sessions a week, depending on the time you set to achieve your goal.
  • You may be given some ‘homework’ prior to the session to give us more time during the session for discussion, but this is not necessary, if you prefer to do everything in the session.

Payment is in advance and each session scheduled in advance of a week. Any cancellation prior to 48 hours notice will forfeit the session.

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“For me, becoming more independent and confident in my abilities were the most important goals and I can truly say that I have made great progress in these areas in myself. Suzy has changed my life and my way of thinking for the better.”

~ F. Bradel ~

Continue working with me

single session coaching
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single session coaching

I encourage my clients to keep up with with ongoing sessions every so often to keep up the great work and continue to make life long progress. After this programme you can Book a Single Session at any time or start a new 6 week Programme.

90 Day Life Enhancement Programme
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Many of my clients have gone on to commit to the Life Changing Programme that transfers them and creates a whole new life for themselves. 

If you have enjoyed working with me so far, and you have made great progress already and are looking to take the next Transformation Leap then this programme is for you. 

mature lady on a beach looking up and throwing her arms wide in happiness

Find your life purpose

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