Winter and Spring Mindfulness Walks

Sunday 1st February 2024

Sunday 14th April 2024

10am - 12.00pm

Followed by coffee/lunch and chat at the oldest pub in England

Penn, Buckinghamshire

What is Mindful Walking

One of the key benefits of learning the Mindful Walking Technique is to help you to connect with 4 of your body senses, that of sight, hearing, smell, and touch, in Nature. The experience trains you to bring your full attention into the present moment, guided by nature and the weather. 

Most of our day is spent in our minds, our thoughts. We are busy running around both with little or no time to just enjoy BEING and relaxing quietly.  The nervous system is more often than not in Fight or Flight. 

I was taught Mindful Walking during my Yoga Training by a Mindfulness Teacher who accompanied us on every one of our Yoga retreats whilst we were training. I now include it in all my Mindfulness and Yoga workshops. 

What is involved during the walk.

The group of people attending will meet at the scheduled time and together we will walk through beautiful countryside, mostly in silence. We will remain present by paying attention to all that we see, hear, smell and touch during our walk.

Autumn is such a wonderful month to do a Mindful Walk. There is so much colour and vibrance in the air. The ground will be covered in leaves and we may even witness the falling of leaves. We will still be able to hear the birds and rustle of squirrels in the wooded areas and see sheep and horses graze in the fields. The air will smell fresh and earthy, often the wet, damp air helps to deepen the breath and give us a sense of fullness and connection to nature in its raw state. Touching the trees and breathing in the Autumn Air is all part of this wonderful experience, shared with others on the walk with us.

We will aim to do a gentle walk for around 45 minutes on flat ground, it is not designed to be  physically demanding. 

Mindful walk by a lake

Coffee/Lunch and Mingle after the walk

After the walk, you will be welcome to stay for a hot drink at the Pub/Cafe at the venue. Both locations are surrounded by beautiful countryside, where we will be doing our walk. 

The old orchard
Riverside cafe

The Old Orchard Pub, Harefield.

Grand Union Canal walk 

The Old Orchard Pub 
Park Lane

Winter Walk 

Sunday 1st February 2024

10.00 -12.00 


The Riverside Cafe 

Colne Valley Country Park Walk 

Colne Valley Regional Park Visitor Centre
Denham Court Drive

Spring Walk 

Sunday 14th April 

10.00 – 12.00 


Benefits of Learning Mindful Walking

1. Physical Health

Walking meditation is often used by people who sit for long periods. The walking practice helps to get the blood flowing, and helps to alleviate feelings of sluggishness or stagnancy.

Walking after eating is a fantastic way to improve your digestion and lose weight more easily. Outdoor walking improves the breathing and oxygen levels and contributes to a healthy, happy heart.

2 .Mental Wellbeing

If you’re looking to lower your stress levels, this is one of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety and the overthinking mind. Connecting mindfully with nature refreshes the mind and helps you to think more clearly and with a more open perspective.

3. Emotional Wellbeing

Mindful walking had been proven to help people reduce symptoms of depression. It helps to raise dopamine and serotonin in the body, balanced levels of both work to help people feel calmer and, more resilient emotionally and more relaxed.

4. Better Sleep

Any form of exercise is good to help improve sleep but mindful walking is particularly good as it helps develop a calmer and clearer mindset. 

5. Inspires Creativity

Being able to gradually release your thoughts and focus more on the present moment brings more clarity to your thought patterns, which in turn can stimulate creativity. Mindfulness practice can also enhance problem-solving skills or the cultivation of new ideas.

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