Online DISC Profile Assessment

What is DISC

DISC is a powerful  personality test that will give you a most thorough and accurate report of your personality and behavioural type.

DISC is an acronym based on four personality groupings, everyone falling into one or more of the following categories :

  • Dominant
  • Influencing
  • Steady
  • Compliant

Taking a DISC questionnaire online will help you understand which blend of traits apply to you and to what degree. There are no right or wrong answers but each will tell you your predominant personality style in a personal or  business setting.

DISC is personality profile that helps you to identify your behaviour traits

There are 42 different ‘blends’ of these 4 types. Each one unique and insightful. Once you have taken the assessment (7 minutes of answering a few online questions about yourself) you will be sent a full report via email. A follow-up session will be arranged with you to discuss your result and how it applies to you in every area of your life. 

How does DISC help with your personal relationships

With your report at hand I will work with you to help you become more of who you are in your life. Together we will look at your strengths and where you excel at your best. We will also look at areas where you may depend a little on others to compensate for areas that need development in your personality traits. This is quite normal, we all have them. These areas, we often refer to as our ‘shadow’ traits. 

When we bring ‘light’ to them (our hidden traits) we become more ‘whole’ and more balanced. We are less likely to attract people into our lives that have very strong opposite personality traits to us as this causes us stress. We simply learn to close the gaps in our personality. Very small and gentle tweaks are required for development and the end result is extremely freeing and empowering for us. Our lives change and we are more able to achieve our deeper passions and life goals.

DISC will also help you to understand why others behave they way they do, you may be able to have greater empathy with them and even become aware of the reasons for your attraction to them, mild  opposites do attract for good reason, to learn form each and develop and grow together in relationship.

How can DISC help your performance in your career

In a work setting DISC will inform you about what drives you and also what your greatest fears are. 

Find out how you can integrate more efficiently in your team, working to your strengths or how you can better lead your team. As a team leader, DISC awareness of both yourself and each of your team members, will greatly assist  you in getting your team members  on board, identifying where their strengths lie and what areas need developing.

DISC helps each person to :


  1. Improve Self Awareness
  2. Understand others’ behaviour styles
  3. Communicate more effectively
  4. Work well under pressure

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I cannot believe how such a quick and simple test can be so accurate of me as a person. I was stunned by the result and the insights I received thereafter when we discussed it in more detail.

I found the 3 graph reports to be really helpful, how I present my self to others, how I perform in a crisis situation and how I see myself. When I realised that I needed to show more of my positive traits to others around me, my life changed for the better. I was a high C (Compliant, Conscientious, Hardworking, Structured, ), and was hiding those from everyone because of my shyness. Thank you Suzy, it has really helped me gain my confidence and self esteem back when I returned to work after a long break.

~ C. Peterson ~

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