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Coaching Testimonials

The coaching I have received from Suzy has been more beneficial than I can put in words. It has inspired me in many ways, given me confidence and allowed me to see many obstacles in a whole new perspective.
No matter what challenge I may be facing any particular week, I always leave a session with Suzy feeling reassured, grounded, re-energised and fired up! Suzy has truly helped me so much.

Emma B.


Suzy has changed my life, my way of thinking for the better. As soon as I met her, I was drawn to her gentle, warm and calming energy. Coaching with Suzy has helped me get in tune with my mind and my body. I have learned to feel and accept uncomfortable emotions and work through them on my own with the tools I have been taught with Suzy and on the courses she has run.

For me, becoming more independent and confident in my abilities were the most important goals and I can truly say that I have made great progress in these areas in myself.

Frankie B.


I was recommended to Suzy from a friend and with never having experienced therapy before, I was apprehensive. But, from the first conversation I had with Suzy, I felt at ease. No judgement, no ‘pushy’ philosophies or concepts. Suzy listened and heard me.

I started with Suzy nearly 6 months ago and Suzy has transformed me from a man who struggled to manage his emotions and has always gone from highs to lows with no middle ground, to a man who can now look at and read a situation or experience objectively with limited yo-yo of emotion. 

As I have grown and developed, I have gone from having weekly sessions to bi-weekly sessions with Suzy. The conversations have encompassed relationships, family, friends, work and the big one, ME. Suzy has helped me realise what I really want out of my life. Not what my family, friends or teachers told me I want out of life, what I want.

Suzy uses an array of techniques within the sessions and no session is the same. Suzy simply asks, “How has your week been?” and for the next few minutes it is an emotional brain dump from me! Yet somehow from the mass of information Suzy manages to siphon the key aspect(s). We then unravel the aspect(s) and draw down on actions or techniques which will help me to progress past this hurdle.

I still have a lot of work to do with Suzy and I am looking forward to continuing our work together. And, if I was asked would I recommend Suzy Pool? My answer would be an unequivocal YES!

Simply put, there are only two individuals in my life who have had a massive positive and transformative impact on my life, one is my Grandad (who is my role model) and one is Susan Pool. 

Ryan B 


The sessions that I have undertaken with you have been a real honour I have grown and benefited way beyond my expectations. I feel that the learning will serve others and me highly today and in the future.

Thank you for the incredible journey together.

Lesley B

“Courage isn’t about knowing the path, it’s about taking the first step.”

~ Katie Davis ~

Mindfulness Testimonials

For me, Suzy’s mindfulness classes have been beneficial in many ways. I have learnt lots of different techniques which can help improve day to day life. I have enjoyed mindful eating and mindful movement and Although it’s not always as easy, being more mindful or more aware of the ‘here and now’ has help me to re- focus the mind when I’ve been in stressful work situations. It has helped put certain feelings, or perceived feelings and thoughts into perspective and allowed me to concentrate on the task at hand. Also, learning not to judge yourself ( at least not too harshly!) is quite refreshing! 

Sarah C


The fortnightly mindfulness group sessions have been amazing in helping me:

  • understand I am in control of my thoughts and in turn
  • have the ability to take charge of my feelings
  • explore alternative perspectives on my responses to myself and others
  • use breathing and writing techniques to calm and focus
  • have the support of others in a safe, secure group

Lynne S


Since joining Suzy’s mindfulness group I’ve learned a great deal about myself, and am now more able to control the thoughts in my head, take time out and relax.  Suzy has taught me some invaluable techniques to cope with anxiety and stress which I incorporate into my daily routine, and regular attendance at the classes helps to reinforce the learning.

Deborah G


What attracted you to attend? Did you receive what you were looking from the courses? – Lockdown, pressure at work, stressed out daughter and knowing that the mindfulness in our yoga sessions helps us. 

I attended Suzy’s Mindfulness 8 week courses on zoom soon after the first lockdown due to pressure at work, stressed out daughter and knowing that the mindfulness in our yoga sessions helps us and I received what I Was looking for from the sessions.

I now have some coping strategies to work through and take some structured time out to refresh myself. I would do things differently in my life as a result of the courses. I have used the tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique, to bring myself back to focus in the here and now.  I have learned that I should speak up more in certain situations rather than stew on them, and probably less at certain other times!

I enjoyed the body scan and will take more time to do that more often.  It was good to talk through things in a small group. I loved the mindful walk.  I had to walk the dog on Monday and Tuesday evenings in the dusk and damp evenings, cold and hunched up after a day at the desk.  I walk in the woods most days but, after the Mindfulness walk in our last session, I dropped all thoughts, looked up and around and noticed what was in present in the air and in myself.  I did a few stretches to warm up and looked at the falling leaves and took energy from them through the ground.  Even skipped in the leaves!  Came back much refreshed.

One thing I have taken away is ’Change what you don’t accept and accept what you can’t change’.

I would definitely recommend these courses of Suzy’s.

I like her friendly, calm and positive personality.  She allows time to talk through things and gives insightful life examples we can relate to.

I liked the small group we had, nice to hear others talk about their experiences, and relate to them.

Tracey F 


I became depressed during the lockdown for a number of reasons. Having the 8 week MBSR mindfulness course with suzy running at this time has meant I’ve had another source of information, advice, and comfort, which has helped me climb out of the horrible pit I was in.

I aim to use some of the powerful tools we learned like Emotional Freedom TechniqueI for times when I experience a negative emotion and also when I feel critical of myself and feel the emotion of guilt or shame. And I also learned these emotions are natural and ok and I can still love and accept myself. I experienced than how the huge chunk of the horrible feelings seem to evaporate. I aim to develop more understanding and acceptance of other people’s emotions as well.

Kirsten W


I attended Suzy’s 8 Mindfulness Course in the Summer, a couple of month’s after the lockdown.  I felt as though I needed to find some calmness in my life with everything going on in the world, and feeling overwhelmed by pressure at times.

I now spend some time each day reflecting on what has happened and ending the day with a clear head. I became aware of my many automatic negative thoughts I had each day and about how destructive they were. I can’t remember now what triggered it but I found myself doing the Emotional Freedom Technique in Sainsbury’s one day, when I noticed I was feeling uneasy and it calmed me. Good job it wasn’t too busy! After the Mindful eating exercise, I find I now have the self control to not eat so much rubbish which will improve my overall health. I enjoyed the meditation and body scan, and find my mind wandering less now than I did at the start.  I now manage to find a few minutes each day to reflect and be thankful. I hugely recommend this course to anyone looking for a more peaceful mind. Thank you Suzy, I have found an inner calmness and strength that I lost years ago.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~ Anaïs Nin ~

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

I needed to see Suzy on motivational issues for weight loss after suffering kidney cancer and being told by Doctors that I needed to lose weight to support my kidney function, as I only had one and half kidneys left.  I had three hypnotherapy sessions and I was surprised by the outcome, as over a period of three weeks I lost half a stone and was exercising every day.  I have found that when I have lapsed that if I listen to Suzy’s tapes it triggers the motivation again to exercise and focus on my eating habits.  I highly recommend Suzy for anyone who needs a boost in their life.”  Robin.

Robin D


Hypnotherapy with Suzy has changed my relationship with food for life as it no longer has a hold over me. 

At 9pm I would have an overwhelming feeling to eat chocolate even though I didn’t really like the stuff and that would make my Diabetes worse. I felt so tired and overwhelmed it seemed that was the only way I could get through the rest of the evening. 

After having Hypnotherapy I no longer emotionally eat but think about what I want to eat, how much and I stop when I am full. I no longer care about what people around me think about what I am choosing to eat or not eat. I no longer allow myself to be judged about food. 

Over time this has resulted in me feeling more comfortable, confident and in control of the food I buy eg I can walk through a crisp aisle and there is no pull to buy any crips. So I only buy crips when I choose to buy them maybe twice a month, rather than 3 “share style” bags of crisps every week. 

Additionally, totally unexpectedly as a family we eat more fruit and vegetables and eat 80% less crisps, chocolate, takeaways and biscuits. The kids have more nutri bullet style drinks after school and get excited about what fruit they want to add to their drink and on some days have 7 portions of fruit and veg rather than what they used to have which was 3. 

I have lost weight, bought new clothes, my Diabetes has improved but the biggest changes for me are the freedom I have around food and the self respect I have gained for myself.

Suparna D 


The sessions that I have undertaken with you have been a real honour I have grown and benefited way beyond my expectations. I feel that the learning will serve others and me highly today and in the future.

Thank you for the incredible journey together.

Lesley B


“One of the first things you will notice about Suzy is that your wellbeing on every level is her top priority. I felt cocooned in her care as she made sure I was physically comfortable and, more importantly, emotionally comfortable. I felt in a safe space where I could talk about the issue in hand. My long term goal was to be in a loving relationship and within that desire was a closely linked goal of de-cluttering my home. My bedroom needed a completely new look but the challenge felt overwhelming.  Within a few sessions of working with Suzy, I felt enabled to de-clutter and let go of items that represented the past so that I could truly focus on what I wished to achieve in the present and near future. That in itself was a miracle!  In one month my bedroom was transformed into a room that brought me joy and tranquillity. Within two months of completing this refurbishment, I met my partner and we have now been together for two years. I believe Suzy played a very significant part in helping me to shift my focus towards my desires and thus bring about the vision I wanted for myself. I would highly recommend her hypnotherapy and coaching skills if you’re wishing to make big changes in your life. A huge thank you, Suzy!”

Anne D

Passion Test Testimonials

I would really like to say the following about the work we have done:
‘I have known Suzy for a while now as she used to be my Yoga teacher. Yoga was one way in which my mind and body were liberated.

I attended a preliminary Passion Test workshop run by Suzy and this session sparked my interest in working on my passions. I was surprised to find my passions were not what I thought they would be. It really helped to listen to my heart and needs as opposed to my mind.

I later met Suzy to go through the Byron Katie work. This is a powerful way to look at one’s negative beliefs and turn them around. It is an insight into how we create the negativity.

Suzy is extremely knowledgeable not just in the above but she has taught me a great deal through the conversations we have had on relationships.

I would recommend the work Suzy does to anyone who wants to achieve their goals, pursue their dreams and also for people who need some guidance on relationships or have negative behaviour they want to get rid of. She is passionate about the help she offers and I admire what she does and how she does this.’

Rupal C


I found the Katie Byron work to be of great value in helping resolve conflict and enabling me to see things differently.  I have  felt calmer and more at peace since doing “the Work” both with Suzy on a 1:1 level and again in a group situation.

The Passion Test is a good tool for finding out what is truly important to have in your life and not just what you imagine to be.  Once you know what is most important to you – you can devote your focus and energy to those goals and more easily dismiss choices that would take you further away from your passions and goals.   The passion test equals clarity!

Helen H


The main benefit for me is that I’ve been able to ‘let go’ more easily. “I have found that after working with Suzy my ‘passion’s have become clearer and more refined. What I like about this work is that it’s a simple way for me to remind myself what’s truly important in my life. Since doing a group session followed by 2 personal coach sessions (over the phone) I feel more in touch with what I truly want – even knowing what my markers are is a big help, more confident that I can manifest my true passions and perhaps most importantly for me that if I let go of the ‘hows’ my passions are likely to manifest more easily! Throughout I have been impressed with Suzy’s professional and personal approach. I look forward to working with Suzy in the future.”

Jonathan H


I graduated from University 2 years ago and had little idea about what I wanted to do with my life. With Suzy’s help and the Passion Test, I spent time focusing my mind and asking myself what I truly wanted. By putting attention on my passions, I am now pursuing the career of my dreams. I also found the Work of Byron Katie invaluable as it helped me clear a lot of the mental blocks that were holding me back. Having Suzy take me through these experiences truly made me feel like I was important. She is a great listener and an incredibly inspirational person who offers time, love and commitment. 

Jonny Y

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