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Join us for regular Workshops - Yoga, Mindfulness, Coaching

The live workshops are held in the Buckinghamshire area. Some are also held via zoom. 

Workshops and fun and interactive

A problem shared is a problem solved. Our Self Confidence is often raised by sharing our stories with others. We realise that we are not alone in our struggles with certain issues in our life. We certainly do not have to suffer alone or in silence.

Working together in a group connects us to others and ourselves in a way that we could never have imagined. We realise that we all have share similar problems and that we all have human frailties. It is actually most reassuring and comforting. 

Many people find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings with others. However, they are great listeners and supporters. Here, everyone has the  opportunity to talk, share, listen and learn together. When we hear how others feel, this resonates with their own emotions and thoughts that are difficult to articulate on our own.  

We create a loving and fun  environment that allows each person to be vulnerable in kind and non judgemental space. 

The tools and techniques are also fun and uplifting. It can even be a truly  transformative experience 

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Mindfulness workshop
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Upcoming Events

Spring Yoga Day - Amersham - April 21st 2024


Winchmore Hill Village Hall,  Amersham, Bucks, HP7 0PN

Date and Time

Sunday 14th January 

9.30am – 4.30pm




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