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I am a Life Coach for women and I run regular workshops in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.


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I have been a Trainer and Facilitator for most of my career and as much as I love working with my clients on a One to One basis, I find that the group work is also of great benefit to them.

Women love to mix and mingle, share their problems and learn from each other. 

Self Confidence is often raised by speaking to others and hearing what is also going on for them. 

Women’s coaching is greatly enhanced by bringing women together who are of like minds and are going through similar issues in life. The work they do in a group setting can be very powerful and life changing. One To One coaching can then enhance this further as well.

An as Empowerment Coach, a workshop environment adds to the overall uplifting of energy of everyone there. It can even be transformative and spiritual. 


The first step towards Transformation is Becoming Calmer.

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