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Yoga to connect with your body and calm your mind

Many people are drawn to yoga because of its calming effects to mind and body which lasts long after they leave the session. Yoga focuses your mind and gives you the capacity to deal with life’s challenges.

I started teaching yoga 20 years ago when I was going through a big change in my life. Yoga became the sanctuary I was desperately seeking at the time. It gave me the space I needed to rediscover myself and develop an inner peace that has never left me.

I completed a 500-hour Iyengar style intense yoga training course with Ruth White Yoga over a two year period in Cheam, Surrey.

I currently run two public yoga classes on a Wednesday in Chalfont St Peter and teach  private students.

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

~ B.K.S. Iyengar ~

Work with me and feel supported in your yoga journey

You’ll realise that everything you ever wished for was always there within you

New Weekly Yoga Classes

Wednesday Evening Live Classes

6.30 – 7.45pm and 8.00 – 9.15pm at Community Centre, Gravel Hill, in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.

If you wish to join please get in touch to find out more or to book your sessions.

Initial Registration

Once you know which class you would like to attend, I will send you a registration form to complete and return to me via email. This informs me about your overall fitness level and about any health issues you may have. This information is important to ensure that you are working safely and within your physical capacity.

Six Week Blocks

The classes are booked in blocks of six, £72 per block. The blocks are on set dates they keep rolling every 6 weeks, however you can join at any time during a set block and pay accordingly. Please note however any missed classes cannot be carried forward.

Yoga Testimonials

“I have been attending Suzy’s classes now for a couple of years as I have found it extremely therapeutic. I have lost weight and toned up significantly since starting and would definitely recommend Suzy’s expert teaching to anyone who wants to improve their body and mindset.”

~ Pippa P. April 2021 ~

Over the years of attending regular classes with Suzy, I found i really helped me get my strength and flexibility back after having children. I  feel fully relaxed and I always have an amazing night’s sleep after the class! Suzy is great at assessing everyone’s individual needs and limitations and adapts postures accordingly. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone regardless of level or age. 

~Christina L. June 2022 ~

Single Sessions

Single session payments are also available and are £13.50. I usually recommend this if you wish to do a trial session with me or if you are unable to commit to a full 6-week block on a regular basis. 

Working at your own pace and level

All levels are welcome to my classes. I will help you to reach your own personal goal, whatever that may be for you. Many people attend yoga for mental and emotional wellbeing as well as for physical strength, stamina, and flexibility. Yoga will give you all of these with regular focused practice. You simply work as your own pace. In my experience as a teacher of over 18 years, all levels of fitness work well together in a class.

Individual attention and smaller class numbers

I teach smaller number classes to ensure that each and every one of my students receives personal attention and correction where needed. This is a very important part of my teaching. I like to ensure that you are always working safely and reaching your own personal goals and level of fitness and ability. Iyengar Yoga is all about correct alignment and attention to detail.

Make yoga a sacred place for you to be each week.

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My style and background

I trained with Ruth White School of Yoga. The style of yoga that I was taught was Iyengar, which is a form of Hatha Yoga with a stronger emphasis on detail, precision, and alignment in the static postures. My yoga teacher Ruth trained with Iyengar himself and I feel privileged to have had such a thorough and excellent training master.

Yoga heals the body - my own story

17  years ago I suffered severe back pain and was unable to even drive my car for a while. The ligaments supporting my sacroiliac joint were slack and desperately needed strengthening.  I received treatment from our own anatomy and physiology teacher, Gary Carter from our training course.

As a body therapist, Gary was influenced by the work of  Vanda Scaravelli who also trained with the brilliant yoga master Iyengar in Pune, India. Gary taught me how to develop full body core strength. I learned to work from the inside out. The spine was the main focus. I learned what I had been doing incorrectly that caused my weakness in my back. This took time and patience, but I learned more form this injury than anything else.  

Just over a year ago I sustained another back injury after a fall and I slipped a disc. This time I found the perfect person to help me heal again, a physiotherapist who works right next door to where I teach my yoga classes. Manni assured me that with rest and again patience and time, I would heal and get back to normal. I trusted and had faith in her and in just 8-9 weeks, I was getting better and I was pain-free. 

Yoga is not just about the physical, it is a mindset. Yoga is the combination of body, mind and spirit. I trusted my body, I had faith in my therapists and I waited for the healing process to take its own natural course. 

The connection between yoga and mindfulness

Yoga teaches us how to pay attention to what is going on in the body and how to keep it well aligned so that it improves posture and prevents injury. The presence it brings is profound and healing also to the state of mind. It brings peace. 

Many people become interested in mindfulness once they start yoga. One great way to learn mindfulness is to attend a short Mindfulness Programme where many of the tools are taught in a simple and easy way. 

Please Join us for our Mindfulness Workshops or give me a call to find out more about it. 

Yoga Blogs

Working With The Psoas Muscle – The Psoas Muscle is the main muscle that responds to the sympathetic nervous system during the Flight, Fight and Freeze response, when the body senses or experiences danger. We all at some point in our life experience some level of stress or trauma but we do not always have the opportunity to release it. The blog offers you a yoga postures and also other tips on how to release this pent up tension in both your physical and emotional body. 

Psoas muscle for blog
Autumn/Winter Yin Yoga Practice 

Postures For Calmness and Energy –  a perfect balance of simple postures to do on a regular basis that lift as well as calm your body and mind. 

Sitting posture

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