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Observe without Evaluating - Empathic Communication

Empathic Communication

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Our Deepest Fear poem

Breaking Through the Fear of Shining Your Light.

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inner strength vs inner conflict

Inner Strength vs Inner Conflict

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The Doe Guided Visualisation

An Invitation to a Unique Guided Visualisation: Tap Into Your Intuitive Powers

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Psoas muscle for blog

The Psoas Muscle is Muscle of the Soul

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Midlife confident woman

Follow Your Heart and Live Your Passion

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relationship happy couple

Midlife Relationship For Women

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World Voice Day

Find Your Voice – World Voice Day

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Woman who knows hoe to manage self care

Why do women struggle with guilt

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self doubt

How self doubt keeps you stuck

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spring mindfulness walk

Overcoming Overwhelm

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Steps to making a Life Change

Scared to make a Life Change

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Reach for the stars

Turn your dreams into your reality

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transformative coaching

What is Transformative Coaching

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Offering compassion

How do we offer compassion to others

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Depositphotos L

Dealing with a temporary setback

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running girl

Create a New Lifestyle in Just 66 Days

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Abundant tree shutterstock 600x400 1

Adversity Smiles

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New moon quote

New Moon New Beginnings

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Passion test

Taking time to Manifest Your Passions

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Finding Your Inner Purpose

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Find out more about your personality type through the Passion Test

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top of the mountain

What’s your passion, & why it is essential to know

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meditation 1024x683 1

The Miracle of Mindfulness – How I Now Have Unlimited Time For Myself

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mark duffel 422279 1

Getting started and staying on track

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shutterstock 430472275 1024x683 1

We get stronger through resistance

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Summer Yoga – Salute To the Sun

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table top 1 1

The Five Tibetans for Youth and Vitality

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restorative yoga 2

Traditional Rituals to bring love and prosperity into the New Year

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Winter Solstice

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andy tootell 59614

Taking control of your Work/Life Balance at work

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No time to rest and relax, is that true?

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extended side angle with Sadiye 1024x768 1

7 yoga postures that are guaranteed to help you feel instantly calm and energised

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