Know What You Want

And How to Attract it

Saturday September 30th 2023

Quakers Meeting House, Seer Green

9.30am - 5.00pm

  • Feeling stuck and uncertain about where your life is going right now?

  • Are you finally ready to make changes but you just don’t know where to start?

  • Is your life lacking a sense of purpose  and direction?

  • Has a recent life change evoked a curiosity within you to explore different options? 

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The Full Day Event is from 9.30 - 5.00pm at the

 Refreshments provided throughout the day
Please bring your own lunch 

It's Time To Take Charge of Your Life

This day is all about finding and reclaiming your Inner Strength and Resilence. It is about reminding you of who you are beyond your self-doubt, limiting beliefs and stuck emotions.

You know that it is now time for you to make a few changes in your life and in yourself and be at the helm again. Change feels imminent for you but you are hesitant and nervous to set the wheels in motion. It can also be overwhelming. This workshop will give that insight, courage and  determination you need to move through those difficult emotions and resistance.

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The Programme

The powerful ONE DAY Event is divided into two parts : 
  • The MORNING SESSION is all about getting you  YOU TO CREATE, IMAGINE AND FEEL your heart’s desires. 
  •  The AFTERNOON SESSION will be focused on clearing  mental and emotional blocks that prevent you from manifesting your deepest desires. 
By the end of the day you will feel so much happier and eager to take charge of your life again. You will have new perspectives and  a clear sense of direction into the next phase of your life.
Join Us At This Beautiful, Peaceful Venue –
Jordans Quaker Centre 
Welders Lane,Jordans, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 2SN

Recovering from a bereavement, I felt it was time to do some inner work to help open up to what’s next in my life. I enjoyed everything about this One Day event. It was conducted so well by Suzy, with a variety of different exercises in a safe and caring environment which Suzy created for each of us. We felt at ease to share our deepest, innermost feelings with others around us and received the love and support we needed. I came away feeling nourished and having greater strength in myself to deal with some of the challenges I am facing in my life right now.

~ Anne D. September 2022

Working with Suzy has shown me  what is truly important to have in your life and not just what you imagine it to be. Once you know what is most important to you – you can devote your focus and energy to those goals. Suzy is a fun and motivating coach.  If you are procrastinating or feeling complacent, Suzy is the driving force you need to propel you into action and towards your dreams. The tools she offers give you  clarity!

~ Helen H. March 2022


Jordans Quaker Centre, Welders Lane, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 2SN

Date and Time

Saturday 30th September 2023
9.30am – 5.00 pm 


Find your life purpose

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