Special Spring Coaching Offer

Spring is an optimal time to create fresh intentions

Shake Off the Winter Blues and Spring Into Action

The season is turning and Spring is slowly but surely approaching following the Equinox in March. Very likely, you have been thinking about some changes you would love to make moving forward this year, but you are still feeling the heaviness of winter. The powerful Three Session Coaching Programme, Spring Into Action is just the thing to shake off all the doubt and lethargy and awaken you to a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm. ,

The Three Session Programme - 60 minute sessions

Spring into Action

Session 1 - My Life Changing Goal

If there was one change you could make in your life, that would dramatically have a positive impact on every other part of your life, what would that be?

This session is all about focusing you on that one change that you may have been avoiding because it feels too big to handle, or you feel scared to tackle it on your own. It will give you the CLARITY you need. It will get your mind opening-up to other possibilities and opportunities that you could not see before. 

Knowing WHAT you are looking for makes it so much easier to find and search for it. So much of what we want is already there in front of us but we simply had no idea what it was. 

Session 2 - Clearing The Path

Session 2 will help you plan your actions and identify any obstacles that may stand in the way of you achieving your clear goal. Whether we realise it or not, we often sabotage our success. We may do that because we feel more comfortable with what is familiar. 

Shining a light on the areas that keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward, allows you to work through them and even challenge the thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with them. This is not always easy to do  yourself. The Transformative process in coaching can help you to overcome these, providing that you are ready for a new way of living and being.

Session 3 - Plan Of Action and Accountability

In this session, a clear plan will be developed comprising:

  • what you want to achieve 
  • how you want to achieve it
  • and by when

This is key to making it happen. We are used to doing this at work all the time. However, often when it comes to managing our personal life, it seems different. Perhaps it is because at work, we are often accountable to someone else, our managers, teams etc. We strive to meet deadlines and thrive on the fruits of our efforts. 

Of the many benefits that Coaching provides, holding clients accountable to their own goals and commitments would top that list. I have been surprised and inspired by how many of the clients I have worked with who actually craved that accountability. Sometimes we need that fire within us to be ignited to get past the many distractions that block us from showing up as the best version of ourselves and enjoying life to the full.

By the end of this programme:

Your Special Spring Offer

The Special Three Session Programme is just £150 

Each session will be booked in advance of at least one week. 

Each session will be a 60 minute Zoom Call. 

Book between April 1st and May 1st to get the Special Offer price. 

You will be saving £25 on each session!

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I would recommend the work Suzy does to anyone who wants to achieve their goals, pursue their dreams and also for people who need some guidance on relationships or have negative behaviour they want to get rid of. She is passionate about the help she offers and I admire what she does and how she does this. Suzy has helped me to change my life.

~ Rupal S~

Continue working with me

single session coaching

Ongoing Single Sessions

Book a single at any time to stay focused and motivated.

I encourage my clients to keep up with with ongoing sessions every so often to keep up the great work and continue to make life long progress. Our passions keep shifting as our needs and priorities change and we evolve.

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Goal Attainment Programme

Over six sessions we take you from hope to certainty
Where more than one area of your life is changing and moving in the direction you really want from now on. You are changing and evolving.
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Life Enhancing Transformation Programme

In 90 days you will go from a vision to total manifestation

You will transform your life in just 90 days when you commit to this programme. Each of the 12 sessions are designed to connect you to your core values and passions.

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Find your life purpose

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Take my short quiz to discover the key elements that are missing in your life, and once these are incorporated will make your life more meaningful, purposeful and satisfying.

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