Reach for the stars

Turn your dreams into your reality

We spend so much of our life doing things that are mundane and repetitive without questioning it. Yet there are moments in our day, particularly when we are on a lovely holiday or when we are celebrating a big event, we allow ourselves the luxury of dreaming how life could be.

Dreaming is our Human and Spiritual birthright. Dreaming is what we do to create an alternative reality to the one we have. We need to do more of it. Some people are accused of dreaming their life away and that can be true. However, reality is created through dreaming and visualising. We simply refuse to believe it because it’s so simple and but not so easy to do in the crazy mad world we live in. We need practice at it and focus. 

Makes your dreams a reality

As a child, I was a big day dreamer. I created all sorts of delightful, wonderful and magical ideas in my little head about how I wanted my life to be. And as the years went by, every one of those became a reality. To this day, many of my friends and family remind me of what a great manifester I am. 

How do we do it? How do we create our own best reality for ourselves. Well, we start by giving ourselves permission to dream our wildest dreams. My mother used to say to us, “Reach for the stars and you may hit the ceiling”. And so I did just that time and time again and now I help others to do the same and call it Transformational Coaching. 

Aim for the sky quote

Using our creative imagination as most children automatically do, is our best tool for creating a life worth living, a life that brings us joy and fulfilment. If for whatever reason that is not happening in your life right now, then you can change it. The formula is simple :

  • Get clear on what you do want
  • Keep imagining it how you would like to be (stop worrying about how you are going to get there)
  • Write this down in a journal
  • Create mental pictures 
  • Make a mood/vision board and put it somewhere  where you see it all the time
  • Feel what it is like to be there

Hire someone to help you map it out and start the plan for you to take small steps towards achieving your dreams. 

Now the key to it all is when your outer reality matches your inner reality, then you know that you are perfectly aligned. If the outer reality is not happening, it may be because you don’t believe in yourself enough YET! So go back to the ‘drawing board’ and start with dreams that FEEL more realistic to you and soon the bigger images will feel REAL. 

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