The Doe Guided Visualisation

An Invitation to a Unique Guided Visualisation: Tap Into Your Intuitive Powers

What is a Guided Visualisation

Guided Visualisation is a usually used as a relaxation technique used for managing your stress and helping the body and mind to relax deeply and take all your attention away from your usually thoughts and worries. 

Guided Visualisation

Guided simply means that it is guided by someone else with a very calm and restful tone of voice using a script, visualising positive, peaceful settings like a beautiful beach or a peaceful meadow or forest. 

Many people are able to appreciate the benefits of meditation but it feels overwhelming for them to practice it on their own. It is often very difficult for them to quieten the racing thoughts that keep distracting them in order to create a calm state in the body. Guided meditation and visualisation make it easier to get started.

Guided Visualisation helps to :

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promote a deep state of relaxation
  • Create a positive mindset over time 
  • Relieve the symptoms of stress on the nervous system

You will notice a huge difference in your self after just listening to one a few times a week. You may feel less tightness and tension in your muscles, while your mind might feel calmer and more at ease.

Overall by regularly calming your mind and body, you may be better able to cope with mental, emotional, and physical stress.

Some Guided Visualisations a Specific Purpose

Some Guided Visualisations may have a specific aim or purpose for the person listening. The purpose can be to make positive suggestions (feel more confident, have more self-esteem, have a more positive mindset). Others are designed to help you tap into your own Intuitive Inner Voice, your Wise Self. 


Often our minds and bodies are so busy, we are unable to hear the whisper of our Inner Wisdom. We have all the answers within us to make choices and decisions we struggle with sometimes. When that noise subsides and the and body becomes still, we can hear that Inner Wise part of ourselves. 

This Guided Visualisation helps you to tune into that Inner Wise Being within you. 

Listen to this beautiful Guided Visualisation and enjoy your first meeting with your Inner Wise Being. In this one, it takes the presence of a magical deer. 

Journey into the Forest for a Unique Meeting With a Magical Being

The Doe Guided Visualisation

Listen to this as often as you wish, ideally with headphones. Either lying down or relaxing back in a comfortable chair. First thing in the morning, early evening or even before you go to sleep. Try to make it a routine in your weekly schedule to get the maximum benefits. In a short time you will get into the habit of doing it on a regular basis and look forward to it.


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