inner strength vs inner conflict

Inner Strength vs Inner Conflict

What does Inner Strength Mean to You

Inner Strength will mean different things to different people. Fundamentally, it is the human spirit’s ability to overcome any obstacle and knowing that you have the capacity within you to succeed at anything you really want to achieve in life. 

Most people are not are not born with inner strength, but it can be developed like any other skill. It is erroneously attributed to highly successful people. The reality is that we all need inner strength to live a full and accomplished life. 

Cultivating Inner Strength is easier than we think. Ultimately it depends on how much we want follow our dreams and become all that we aspire to be. When we learn to develop this skill, we gain control over our life, it enhances our self-esteem and makes it easier for us to make decisions and follow them through. With practice, it helps us to stop procrastinating. 

Words associated with Inner Strength :

      • perseverance

      • will power

      • stamina,

      • self-discipline,

      • integrity

      • resilience

      • tenacity

      • assertiveness

      • endurance

      • sustainability

    And the list continues…….

    If you feel that you are in some way letting yourself down’ or comparing yourself to others who appear to be more successful at getting what they want in life, then it may be worth doing some inner work to explore what exactly is holding you back. By doing this, you will clearly identify where you need to develop yourself and overcome whatever it is that is blocking you. It is so much easier than we think.

    Where is the Inner Conflict

    The mind, when caught up too much in the old brain, the Amygdala, sees only danger when change is involved, it experiences a huge amount of apprehension and stress. It recalls fearful and painful emotions associated with the proposed event and automatically chooses to run away from it. This running away can happen at any point. It may not happen straightaway. You can make plans and set the wheels in motion and then suddenly, there comes a point when everything seems to come to a halt. Something at this point in the process triggered conflict. Danger if you like is perceived. The plans may at this point after all the work and effort you put in, now may be abandoned. What a huge pity! And for no known logical reason, you change your mind and go back to the old, familiar way of being or the same situation that you were in as before. Temporarily there is a huge sigh of relief.

    On the whole the Amygdala has a powerful role to play in the brain. It is an absolute protection mechanism and serves us well when we are met with any form or danger, it is our animal survival instinct. However, if over-active and over-vigilant, it can create huge conflict when trying to implement change. This Inner Conflict can be debilitating. Desiring change and fearing it at the same time can cause all our emotions to run riot and can leave you feeling exhausted.

    Choosing Inner Strength over Inner Conflict


    Inner Conflict vs Inner Strength

    The answer lies very much in Self Awareness, knowing how the brain works in a simple and easy way and then learning how to Reprogram it. Neuroscientists refer to this as Brain Rewiring.

    There are many ways we can do this depending on the specific outcome required.

    Let’s start with you really wanting to manifest something in your life that is very important to your overall happiness and wellbeing. No matter how hard you’ve been trying, nothing so far has worked. This could be in any one of the following areas in your life.

    Wheel of life

        • Health
        • Family
        •  Life Partner
        • Friends
        • Spiritual
        • Leisure 
        • Career 
        • Money
      The 3 stages of strategic practice to Cultivate Inner Strength are :
      1. Commitment 

      2. Clarity 

      3. Reframing of the brain

      COMMITMENT is to yourself. The question you will have to ask yourself is “How much do I want this!” You really have to be totally honest with yourself.

      CLARITY is knowing exactly what you want.  Clarity however is a process and requires patience. You may make errors at the beginning and so here is the Inner Strength part, do not Give Up, persevere. When you have the courage to ‘experience’ what you don’t want, you gain more clarity about what you Do Want. This is often when most people give up.

      The most successful people on the planet, never give up. They make ‘mis-take’ after mistake and have developed the resilience to keep going, knowing that this is all part of the process of making your dreams come true.

      Once the Clarity is fully there, you will finally see before you, attract into your life. whatever you desire, to its entirety.

      Brain Rewiring, to keep focusing on the positive elements of any given situation.

      Based on scientific evidence, Research Psychiatrist, Jeffrey Schwartz calls it self-directed neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity simply means that our brain is vastly capable of ‘stretching’ itself and changing its structure in response to experience.  


      Re-direct the brain to positive images and thoughts in every situation 

      Swartz suggests that one most effective ways to over-ride the mind’s default position of churning out inner conflicting thoughts, is to re-direct it to focusing on the positive aspects of a situation, present, past or future. Bascially, a  Mindfulness Approach.

      This is easier than it sounds. It simply requires you to be alert and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as often as possible. If you are feeing down, check your thoughts. Very likely the mind has slipped into thinking about and remembering more of the negative aspects of a situation than the positive.  

      Retraining the brain to switch the attention to all our positive aspects of the situation (of which there are many more) is the skill we need to develop and change the brain.

      The positive thoughts flow through our brains like water through a sieve. Sadly by default, they tend to leave little or no lasting imprint. But they can with practice. 

      positive thoughts flow through our brain like water through a a sieve

      We need to keep recalling them and talking about them as much as possible for the brain to get a more realistic picture of what actually is happening or has happened. 

      In summary, in order for us to create more of what we want in our life and to make progressive and healthy change, to evolve and fundamentally become all that we are here to be, we need to cultivate Inner Strength and over-ride our mind’s Inner Conflict.

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