Find out more about your personality type through the Passion Test

Take this opportunity to discover your purpose and passion and by using the The Elements Personality Model. Identifying clearly your particular type will help you to make greater progress towards in realising and manifesting your dreams and passions.

Let’s start with looking at each of the 4 elements in turn and see if you can figure out which one you are most like. Very likely you will have a dominant primary element with a secondary element attached. Ideally you need a reasonable balance in each of the other 2 with some of the characteristics of all 4.

Look at the pros and cons of each element and see if you can figure out what you need to develop more in the pros areas and let go of in the cons!


The Pros of the Air Element

You are intelligent, insightful, talkative and curious. You are clever with your mind and words, often described as articulate and are a brilliant communicator. You are an intellectual who is always on the quest for information and generally loves sharing what you find. Your archetype would be the Scientist.  You are sharp and quick-witted and draw conclusions quickly and effectively. You have great ideas and a powerful imagination, a visionary.

The Cons of The Air Element

Don’t let your imagination run away with you! Too much air in your personality and not enough water can leave you having a hard time truly connecting emotionally to others, yet you yearn for connection and to feel understood. Often if there is also not enough earth in your personality, you find it hard to give weight to your words and ground your brilliant ideas. Your thinking moves too fast and in sharing of your ideas too much you may become easily exhausted not leaving enough energy to ground them. Sometimes your imagination provides such a wonderful escape for you that you may prefer to live in that fantasy world rather than the more real, material world.

If you feel you are primarily an Air Type, you may experience that The Passion Test will help them to identify what’s most important to you right now in your life and slow down your thinking, allowing you to focus on one thing at a time whilst grounding your ideas.


The Pros of the Fire element

Perhaps of all the elements this is the one that is most required to connect you with your passions, your burning desires.

You are a natural performer, inspiring, enthusiastic, fun and lively. You generally love taking risks and are initiatory. You have the courage to stand for what you believe and are industrious and energetic, always keen to bring others on-board to support you in your mission and you also are very supportive of them. As a risk taker and an entrepreneur, you stop at nothing to complete your mission and purpose. Your archetype is the Warrior.

The Cons of the Fire Element

With our enough of the earth element to balance fire, they can become too dramatic and swing from one extreme to the other. They often mean well but need to think before they speak. They can be impulsive and pushy out of a desire to help and need to tame their ‘fiery beast’ some of the qualities from water and earth particularly. There’s always a slight danger of burn out.

As a fire personality, the passion test can help you to connect more easily with your emotions and create a more strategic plan for manifesting your passions. This will allow you to step back a little and let go of how things show up in your life with an even better outcome.


The Pros of the Water Element

You are deeply creative, loving, intuitive and spiritual. You connect with people very easily and have a compassionate and empathic quality which is very attractive to others around you. We see your soul and you see ours. You are sociable, generous and affectionate. You seek harmony in everything, are life-giving and adaptable. You love to be surrounded by beauty. You archetype is the Artist.

The Cons of the Water Element

You can be emotionally overly sensitive sometimes and take things personally. You respond badly to chaos and disharmony, and will retreat from the world as a result of deep pain and sorrow. You will tend to shy away from any conflict and become vulnerable and private if you are unable to find perfect harmony around you. You need to hone in your emotions through meditation and express yourself through your art, creativity and beauty within.

The Passion Test will help you to see your unique beauty and creativity and encourage you to use your vulnerability to exhibit your work to help others connect with their heart and emotions.


The Pros and Cons of the Earth element

You are grounded, practical, disciplined, reliable and dependable. You function through a set of rules and regulations and need structure and routine in your life and in your relationships. You are organised and only take on what you know you can manage in order to ensure that you can do everything to perfection, an important quality in you. You are precise and always are on time for everything. Being reliable and loyal, you are monogamous when it comes to relationships and generally only have a few friends who will stay with you for life. Idle chitchat is not something you enjoy, there has to be a point to every conversation. Your archetype is the King.

The Cons of The Earth Type

Too much earth can lead you to become too dependent on rules and regulations, not having enough fun and play time. You may find it hard to delegate and as you need things to be perfect, find it hard to delegate and trust others to do as good a job as you at anything, leaving others feeling inadequate around you. You may lack ingenuity, being more inventive and resourceful as a result of needing to get everything right. In the desperate need to need to feel safe you avoid taking any risks in life and could feel stuck.

If you recognise several of the earth characteristics here then The Passion Test could help you to open up your mind a little and be more adventurous and follow your dreams and aspirations.

Whatever your particular personality type, this process will give you a new and refreshing outlook on your life which could be a transformative experience for you.

Join us on The Passion Test Workshop on the 14th August and discover more about…

  • Your primary personality Element types and
  • How The Passion Test can help to leap forward in your life

In astrology the 4 Element types are explained very well. Please refer to this great short Summary by Debra Silberman for some more clarity on the 4 Elements!

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