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What’s your passion, & why it is essential to know

It’s often great fun for us to discuss and share our passions with our with friends and family from time to time when the discussion naturally arises.

What’s my passion?

Usually, it happens when we see something that greatly inspires us, or when we meet someone who is living their passion or dream. For example, someone might say “My passion would be to one day climb Mount Everest“ or “Travel around Europe in a Camper Van for 6 months. 

This type of conversation is often quite casual, it allows us a few moments to ‘dream’. It often puts a smile on our face to think about what we would really love to be doing in our life, often instead of what we’re currently spending most of our time doing!

Just being asked this question often sets off a trigger in our heads and may get us thinking more about it. And chances are, the next thing you know, you actually meet someone who has just done it or is going to be doing it! What a coincidence!

Or is it?

The Passion Test is a proven process which not only asks you those questions but helps you to delve a little deeper and get clearer about the details. It makes them become fully defined so they become more real and more possible than ever before.

Your passions are not just grand things that you would like to do one day at some point in your life, they are also the things you would like to do on a day to day basis to make your life more fulfilling and content.

These are things like your career or job, in which you spend around 60% or more of your life. How would it feel to do a job that you really love whilst knowing you are making a difference in the world, making use of your unique gifts and talents?

What about your relationships? How would it feel to be in your ideal relationship, or to pay more attention to your current relationships, to make them more loving and caring?

Your passion could be to feel fitter, healthier and happier in yourself. By making this a personal passion and recognising how important this really is to you, and how it could dramatically change your life in every area, leaves you feeling motivated to put more time and energy into it. And of course, putting more focus and attention into something makes it happen more quickly.

But more often than not, our passions simply remain a distant ‘one day it may happen’ wishful thinking process. Deep down we know we should be taking bolder steps towards making them a reality, but for some reason, we just can’t.

Living your passions means that you embrace life fully and become a joy to be around. It all starts with identifying what means the most to you and that’s exactly what The Passion Test is all about.

This simple yet powerful process opens the door to living a happier, more fulfilling and content life. It empowers you to take control of your life and become more resilient, and you’ll leave seeing things with a powerful new perspective. It’s pretty impressive how a couple of hours can make you feel good about yourself, no matter how things turn out on a day by day basis.

Ready to identify your passions and make the change to a more fulfilling life? Click here to find out more about The Passion Test

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