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Overcoming Overwhelm

5 Tips on Overcoming Overwhelm

We are just days away from Christmas and I imagine that many of you are feeling that sense of OVERWHELM leading up to it. This is quite normal and natural at this time of year but what if you feel that way for much of the time. Finding ways to overcome overwhelm can be one of the hardest mental challenges we can face as women these days whilst we juggle family and work life. There is this constant uncomfortable feeling of inadequacy, dissatisfaction and agitation as if no mater how hard you work and try to stay on top of things, there is always more waiting for you to do.

What is OVERWHELM and how does it show up?

I think most people would say that overwhelm occurs when feel we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. It seems hard to focus on one task at a time and if prolonged, it can lead to :

  • indecision
  • procrastination
  • lack of self belief 
  • low self confidence
  • no motivation
  • loss of identity
  • self criticism
  • negative thinking 

Sometimes it may even result in total shut down or panic attacks. This is the brain’s response to the inability to cope any more.

The Overwhelmed Brain 

The Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) and The Limbic System 

Brian highlighting sections

The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is responsible for a lot of high-level cognitive functions, including attention and processing.

It is often referred to as the CEO or conductor of the brain and it is involved in :

  • All our executive functions
  • Our ability to plan
  • Make decisions
  • Express our personality
  • Align our thoughts and actions with internal goals
  • Moderate social behaviour

When we have been in sate of overwhelm for too long, the prefrontal cortex does not function as well and can cause many of the signs mentioned above.

The Limbic System is a group of brain structures that work together in the event of stressful situations like overwhelm. It immediately activates the Fight or Flight response and triggers a physical response to the emotional experiences. A very simple explanation is shown in the diagram below.

Stress hormones

Here are 5 tips on Overcoming Overwhelm.
  1. Believe in yourself – stop seeking the answers from others and tap into your own intuitive answers.

    2. Know what is most important to YOU – often other people’s URGENT requests on you are not yours. 

    3. Practice saying NO – literally say NO to someone who asks you to do something you really don’t want    to do, start with something really small and DON’T be tempted to explain yourself.

   4. Be spontaneous – do something for yourself that feels a little out of your comfort zone and spontaneous. 

   5. Find ONE word that positively describes you at your best and say that to yourself as soon as you wake up every morning like STRONG. Write it down by your bedside table to remind you.

tips for Overwhelm


DISCOVER YOUR TRUE ESSENCE – 30 Day Intensive Programme

I invite you to work with me on a One To One basis on this Self Discovery journey for 30 days where the FOCUS and ATTENTION will be completely on you to work more closely on all the 5 areas mentioned above.

Overwhelm usually occurs when a few things in your life out of sync at the moment. These things happen, priorities shift, we change, we evolve and new constellations form in our life.

This programmes will help you to :

  • Know what you want
  • Identify your top priorities and values 
  • Have a structured plan on how to move forwards with confidence in your life

We will schedule FOUR 90 minute zoom Coaching Sessions during the 30 day period and you will also have constant support during that time in between sessions.

By the end of the programme, you will get to KNOW YOURSELF in a way you have never done before. You will find your TRUE ESSENCE and have a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

PLEASE email me at suzy@suzyrose.com or SCHEDULE A CALL with me to tell me more about yourself. 


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