Work-life balance

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Getting started and staying on track

Setting great intentions for ourselves is healthy and wise. And what better time to do it than in January. The problem most of us have though is that once the novelty has worn off, we find it tricky to stay on track! How do we stay focused and motivated? These 5 Golden Rules may help!

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Traditional Rituals to bring love and prosperity into the New Year

Bring Love and Prosperity into the New Year! I would like to share a few rituals that are followed by people in different countries to help manifest this in our life. Understanding fully the Meaning of New Year Traditions can be very helpful to get us off to a brilliant start. It is said that the days between Solstice and the New Year is a powerful time to create anything you wish, where anything and everything is possible.


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Taking control of your Work/Life Balance at work

I recently gave an interview to a journalist form from Woman magazine on Work/Life Balance and I am looking forward to seeing the article sometime in January. She was a lovely young woman who worked from home with small children and very passionate about achieving a perfect work/life balance for herself. 

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