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Find Your Voice – World Voice Day

Today is Sunday, the 16th April 2023 and World Voice Day. It was established in Brazil in 1999 as the Brazilian National Voice Day, with the main purpose of increasing public awareness of the importance of the voice and alertness to voice problems. Since then many other countries have become involved in it and hold events to support its cause. In 2018 almost 600 events in 50 countries took place, and all are listed on the website World Voice Day where further information can be found.

There are many ways we can express ourselves in order to have our needs met, or to let people know we have a different view to theirs. One of the most powerful ways that human beings can do that is through their ‘voice’ and that may even be in the written word not just through our vocal chords.

When we have a sore throat or a cough we realise how much we miss that communication channel and we appreciate it so much more.

What does it mean then to say “Find Your Voice” ?

Present your voice with confidence

There are those who can speak, but don’t have a voice. They may have been shy as a child or bullied or simply had too many people around them when they were growing up who repeatedly outshone them. As a result of this, they go through life feeling oppressed, unheard, unsupported, and unrepresented.

There is great power in a person’s voice. When we hear someone speak with confidence and fluency and are able to fully express themselves, we are moved by them. We understand them, we are inspired by them. Your voice in this instance can exude passion, meaning and can be seen a gift. We often say that people who have the ‘gift of the gab’, have the unique ability to chat up others and put them at ease and engage in conversation effortlessly with whomever they meet. 

Through our ‘voice’ we can leave a legacy, we can be remembered! Find Your Voice indicates that you have found your unique way of expressing yourself. The best political leaders, poets, music artists and entrepreneurs have used their voice to influence others.

Nelson Mandela

Today, this is what we need to be aware of and think about whether we have achieved that for ourselves or not. And if not, then what is it that is preventing us from doing so?

As a child I was very lucky to have had a father who loved singing and playing the guitar. He had a great voice and loved entertaining everyone with his talent. I saw how much joy and pleasure this brought to many people and I too began singing and playing guitar from an early age. To this day, I love singing in a band and bringing people together through music and my voice. Although I often refer it as my passion or hobby, it also helps me to ‘find MY voice’ in other areas of my life too. Singing gives me confidence and energy and I feel free and open in my body as a result of it. I love singing for that very same reason even when I am on my own, in the car, at home and in my shower.

Find your voice through singing

As a Life Coach I help my clients to ‘find their voice’ in whatever way they need to. This could be through their work, their hobby, their relationships. Be who you are and let the world hear you. Be someone that others want to hear and listen to and let go of all the beliefs and thoughts that foolishly hold you back from doing this. Sometimes if you have not, for whatever reason been able to express yourself fully, then you may need to develop that skill and learn how to do it.

Express yourself in writing

As a Yoga Teacher, I teach my students postures to open or unblock the voice chakra (energy centre in the body) and also breathing techniques and mantras. The energy element governed by this chakra is effective communication. It also represents inspiration and expression. It symbolises the energy of seeking and speaking the truth. It also governs our internal communication with our true Self. We are also able to understand others deeply and effectively.

Throat chakra

As a Transformational Coach, I would love to help you to find your unique voice and expression in the world. Whatever it is that has been holding you back can be cleared and your ‘voice’ restore. Work With Me 

If you would like to find out more about how to find what you enjoy doing and letting go of the feeling of guilt as a woman, please get in touch with me and BOOK  A FREE COMPLIMENTARY ZOOM CHAT.

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“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. ”  –  Marianne Williamson – A Return To Love

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